Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Oh, what a choice! Yesterday I got a wild craving. Mommy keeps a stand in the dining room full of big round dirt smelling rocks. When I first moved here, one got my attention, and I had so much fun tossing it around the house, while mommy and daddy were at work. I even managed to keep it hidden, so they never knew. But a little boy that visited found it, and snitched me out.

Last night it got my attention again, so I went boldly to the stand to get one. Mommy and Daddy seemed very interested, but since it got their attention, I backed off. Then Mommy went and gave me one! WOW, what fun. It is softer than a rock, doesnt taste good, but was fun to pull off little chunks. The more mommy and daddy laughed, the more into it I got. I even tossed it around a little. Max wanted to get into the fun, but they focused on me, and made him stay away. Finally!!! The attention I DESERVE!! Mommy even took pictures of me, trying to decide between my bone and the funny rock. The bone was old news! After a bit though, mommy said it was getting too messy and took it away. But that was ok, because I got what I wanted. Mommy and Daddy laughing and having fun!

Later, we went for a walk and a very sad thing happened. While we were being admired by another couple, we heard a cousin yelp! Daddy and me went running to see what happened. It was so horrible to see the cousin (daddy said something about “German Shepard”) lying in the street. Why didn’t it get up? All kinds of people surrounded us, to look at the cousin. Mommy kept yelling at Daddy to take me home. Finally, when mommy and Max started heading home, the cousin got up for a minute, looked around and started to move. Of course, dumb Max, let out a loud “Atta Boy!!!” at that moment, which scared everyone. So mommy and daddy took us home, and then left us alone to go back.

When they got home, they seemed very sad. Mommy came and petted and hugged on us. We heard Daddy say something about the owner having to rush the cousin to the hospital, but they couldn’t find his brother, who was in the park somewhere. I remember seeing the cousin and his brother with their daddy that morning on my walk with my Daddy. It made me sad too. Hmmm, I wonder if that is why mommy and daddy won’t let us out the front door alone? I could tell both mommy and daddy were sad when they went to bed last night.

I’m so glad mommy and daddy care that much and love us so much too!


Amy-and-Fez said...

That sounds very sad but I'm glad you have such a good home! You are big like the Dog-Bunny that I live with, but you are obviously much smarter. He can't blog!

archi's mum said...

:( very sad

hey tell your mum to get you femur bones from the meat counter at the grocery store. if she asks them they will cut a bone into lots of pieces and give you lots of bones to chew on and it won't cost your mum much money at all - like 89 cents a pound. it's really cool

archi ann said...

you're welcome for the tip - you end up getting a whole mess of bones for about 6 bucks! tell your mum just to give them to you raw :-)

and no, tummy rubs are not a bunny thing Sasha, i don't much like getting picked up or petted at all, it's just too undignified :-)

Abbey said...

That was a sad story, did they find the german sheperds brother?