Saturday, September 26, 2009


Our pack took a walk together this morning. Mom said it would make me feel better and I agreed with a tail wag. My paw hurts all the time, but when I can start getting some sniffies, I forget about the hurt. This is me, showing mom how happy I am to get outside.
Mom is pretty impressed with how fast I can get moving, with my hurt paw. She said I was a brave boy, because when she hurts, she just wants to cry and lay around like a baby.
A few times we have come to this bridge and mommy keeps telling me, we cant cross yet. I want to know what is on the other side, but she pulls me away. Today was different.

Mom told me it is now ok to cross the bridge, So we went over the bridge. She told me that some day I will see another bridge like this with lots of colors, and it will be ok to go over it then too. She said I will be able to run over it, without my paw hurting, so to not be afraid. And then some day she will run over it too to come see me. So we walked over the bridge together.

When we got to the other side, her and dad and sis all sat down with me for a little while. She said when I cross that other bridge, that someday we will all be able to sit like this together again. Until then she told me to be sure to watch for sis, and show her around until mom and dad can come over too.

Then her and dad closed their eyes and talked out loud. Mom petted me a lot and told her Father how much she loved me and asked for Him to please help me find the bridge so I will feel better soon.

When we got back to the lair, I felt pretty tired, so I went to my safe place and laid down. Mom said it was ok for me to lay where ever I want, as long as I am comfortable. She said she will keep checking on me and let me know when it is time for another sniffie walk and dinner.

PAW- MAX the Dude!


Mango said...

Oh Max! Momma is really leaking right now. To see you walking so brave and hugging with your mom. You take care.


The PR Gang said...

Oh Max, you are so brave! We are sad for your mom.
Take it easy and keep resting. We're happy you got some good sniffies in!

MurphyDog said... are indeed a very brave boy. As is your Mommy and Daddy. My mom's eyes are leaking too, cuz she knows how hard it is to tell a doggie about the rainbow bridge.

I'll keep you in my doggie thoughts and prayers and Mom will do the same.

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Honey the Great Dane said...

OH Max - my human was crying as she read your post with me. We think you are a wonderful, brave boy - it was really lovely to see you enjoying your walk, even with your hurt paw. We know your humans' hearts must be breaking but remember to tell them that us doggies don't know and think like humans - we don't really understand sickies and so we don't feel as sad or as scared as they do about the future - we are just happy to get cuddles and yummies when we're hungry and comfy beds when we're sleepy - and then when it is time to cross the bridge, we go peacefully and wait happily for our families to join us. It is the ones we leave behind who suffer more. Take care of yourself and we are thinking of you everyday.

Honey the Great Dane

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,
I'm so glad that you are still enjoying your sniffies and that you are still having a good time going to interesting places.

Mumma and I are so sad about your sore paw. You and your family are brave dawgies and hoomans.

Mr Darcy

Abbey said...

That was such a sad post... i dont have any words cept for hang in there Max and hopefully your not in too much paing... Hugs Mindy...x

Anonymous said...

UGH I am so sorry :(

David Wilson said...

Boof! Our big friend Henley was sure glad to meet Max when Henley crossed the bridge a week ago Monday. He was once again the swift and strong pup. None of that arthritis or cancer.

My heart will never forget the memories of such a great dog.