Saturday, September 19, 2009


Brother Max hasnt been feeling very good latley. Mommy said he has cans-her, and that he may not be living with us too much longer. Sometimes he doesnt eat all his foodies, and I want to help him. Then mommy gets mad at me for trying to help him eat his foodies. She says that he has to eat it himself. So I wait and wait. I dont understand why he wont eat it all, it sure is good. When he lays down he moves around a lot. Mommy said I have to let him have the comfy bed, so he can rest his leg. It is getting bigger and funny looking, and sometimes he licks it, but I stay real careful to walk around him when he puts it out, so I dont hurt him. Sometimes mommy goes for walkies with both of us. This seems to cheer him up and we get to sniff everywhere. Mommy walks a lot slower with both of us, but I like it so I can do a lot of sniffies. And Max seemed to be happier when mommy and daddy took us out the other night.

BARK! Mommy and daddy told us to climb into the big green machine and we went for a ride! My favorite! BARK! Max laid down right away, but I wanted to make sure daddy was protected, so I kept a close eye out for any doggies that may decide to attack the big green machine.

Mommy finally told me I could lay down and she would keep watch out, so I finally relaxed a bit.

They took us to a place with lots of hoomans around. It also had a lot of good smells. First daddy disappeared behind a door, then came out and then mommy did too. Later another hooman came out and put some foodies in front of mommy and daddy.
They told us we had to lay down and be good doggies while they ate their foodies. It was nice and cool outside and we could hear water somewhere close by. Max laid right down, but I had to make sure the surroundings were safe first. Finally I laid down next to daddy and kept a look out for any stay doggies on the attack.
Then last night, daddy was gone for a long time. While he was gone, mommy took us out to the back of the lair, laid down a blanket and invited us to lay down with her. Max had a hard time getting comfortable, but when mommy gave us our toys with Peanut Butter in them, we laid right down. She stared at a little square with moving hoomas on it for a long time. Then she turned it off and cuddled up with us. Just us and the water sounds from our big water bowl. Max seemed to really like this, because he calmed down and went to sleep for a little while. Of course, I stayed up and kept a watch out for any sneaky doggies coming to attack mommy. I had to protect her. Finally I got tired too, and laid down behind her with my head on her tummy. I could tell she was real happy. We laid like that for a long time, mommy had her arm around Max, and her other hand petted me. What a treat for all of us.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh poor Max - our hearts break everytime we visit and read about him...but it's lovely that he is still able to enjoy walks and cuddles with your humans. It sounds like your humans are really making this a special time for him (and you too, Sasha!)

Honey the Great Dane

Mango said...

That sounds like a really good day for all of you together. Try not to eat Max's foodables, OK? He might be slow, but he needs to know it is there for him.

I agree with Honey, I think you are all having special times together while you are able. Snuggles and meditations always make me happy too.


the professionals said...

we think its super how you are making this time special for max but we are sad, we know it must be arfully hard

Mr Darcy said...

Dear Sasha,
I like how focused you are on protecting your hoomans, you obviously have a great work ethic!
Please take good care of Max,and give your hoomans heaps of love too! It is good Max is still getting out and about and having happy times.

Mr Darcy

MurphyDog said...

Dear Sasha & Max,

Every time my human reads your blog, her eyes start to leak. You see, I am the 3rd Great Dane she's had, and she lost both of her other danes to that yucky sicky called bone cancer. Your Max reminds her very much of Tyler..even though he was harlequin. He had that C-word in the same place, so she knows how hard it is to go thru something like this.

We are both keepin Max in our thoughts, and know he'll get lots of love and kisses from his humans. My mom sure wishes you didnt have to go thru this though.

wags, wiggles and slobbers,