Monday, September 21, 2009


PAW! One of my paws is growing. I know us Grate Danes grow real big, but my paw keeps growing, while the rest of me stopped. Mom said it is because of the cans her. She said it looks like a bear claw. It is sore inside, and Mom tells me not to lik it, because it may grow more. Mom says if I am a good boy and dont lik it, then I can go for sniffies. It is awfullee hard not to, so I only do it when she is not watching.
The doggie doctor told mom she can add more white things to my morning cocktail (that is what dad calls it). I really dont like the taste of it, and tried to tell mom to stop, but she forces me to swallow them. Sometimes I turn my back to mom so she will leave me alone. But when I see her eyes start to leak, I just give her a wag of my tail, and she smiles again. I dont like when mom's eyes leak, so I need to keep my tail wagging for her. Sometimes it is hard, but I will keep trying for as long as I can.
PAW! Max the dude!


pam said...

Aw Max Dude. Try not to lickie that bear paw k? We don't like it when yer mommy leaks either cause it makes our mommy leak.

Great good thoughts are comin yer way from us.

Bobo and Meja and Mommy

Mango said...

Max Dude.

I guess your bear paw is fascinating and it feels good to lick it, huh? You are good to take the white things even if they taste yucky. Sometimes it is easier when you let mom just toss them down your throat because then you can't really taste them as much.

Momma's eyes are leaking every time she reads about you but she says it is important to share your journey.


The PR Gang said...

We think the white things taste much better in a big glob of peanut butter!
Your bear paw would be much cooler if it didn't hurt you.
We're thinking about you LOTS! You're awfully brave.

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,
awww are you licking you paw to make it feel cooler? I can understand that it must be so hard not to lick it. You are a brave boy and so good for wagging your tail to cheer your Mumma up. Give her extra smoochies from me.
O, and i second the peanut butter idea! yummy!

Mr Darcy

Amber and Nala said...

My heart is breaking for you and I can't stop the tears. I know I don't really know you or Max but Max just seems like one of those dogs who's got soul. His expressions and face just make you instantly love him. He is lucky to have people who love him so much as I know you feel lucky to have him. I am thinking of you....please give Max lots of cuddles for us.

Amber & Nala

Abbey said...

Damn, I didnt know max was ill.. that sucks big time Mindy... paws crossed for Max and you...x