Friday, September 19, 2008


BARK!! The good news is that mommy hasnt pulled out the flashy in awhile. The bad news is that mommy hasnt pulled out the flashy thing lately! Last week mommy and daddy went back to their old routine of going out a lot at night. Mommy has been taking us for walks one at a time before daddy gets home, so we can doze while they are gone at night. I like walking with mommy again. Dumb Max howls each time we leave the house because he thinks she is all his. Back off BUDDY!
Then we heard something happened to mommy's green machine and she hasnt been quite herself for a couple days. But all seems to be back to normal this week. She promised she would get the flashy out this weekend and get our cute pictures back up on the blog.
But best news of all... Mommy is bragging to EVERYONE what good doggies we have been lately. We even get to doze in the big lair all day, rather than go to our safe places each day. This means a lot more room to stretch out. Even dumb Max isnt chewing on anything but our bone. BARK! Sasha the Princess!

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The PR Gang said...

Lucky you Sasha(and Max too) for getting to spend more time in the big lair. We're looking forward to some more pics of you soon!
Stop by and pick up the surprise we have for you.