Wednesday, September 3, 2008


PAW- Max the Dude here... Mom was in the yummy room a lot this weekend. We could smell all the treats she was making. Before we got put away into our safe houses, I decided to see if I could get a treat myself.
So I stuck my nose up near where she was working. She was sprinkling some white stuff all over. Next thing I knew, the yummy smell was on my nose.
Im not sure what it was, but it made mom laugh and laugh. Dad came in to see what was so funny and he got a good laugh too.
Now what do you suppose made them both so happy? I had no idea, but since it made them happy, I kept putting my nose up for more.
PAW!!! Max the dude
Note from Mom: Max had his nose sprinkled with flour. His face is so light colored and his black nose had powder all over it. Too adorable!

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Mango said...

Woah, Max, gald to hear that was just flour. I thought you were going all greybeard right before my eyes.