Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My friend Chef the Canadian Boxer (and oooohhhh so handsome...siggghhh) had a lesson on how to BEG (Be Endearing & Get). He is the master at this, as he really gets what he works for. Me, well, I will be happy with getting lovin's, which may lead to food later. Check out his lessons on his blog, then tell me if I am learning well.

Mommy and Daddy have taught me to stay away from the food room until their food is mostly gone. I can usually tell when this happens, because their talking changes and they look at me a lot. Of course they dont realize this is the beginning of my plan. I am usually laying very quietly and looking as cute as I can.
Once I get their attention, I then know I can enter the food room. I have learned to act like I am very dis-interested in what WAS on their plate. They think I am a very well behaved dog for this, and will then relax.
That is when I move in. Right under their unsuspecting noses, I can then move in and sniff to find out what may be remaining that a good doggie can hope to get later.
Then the looks start. I give them the most innocent look I have. That usually makes mommy say something like "aaawwwwww". Daddy tries to act like it doesn't affect him, but I hear his energy saying "I can resist, I can resist".
Max and I have started learning team work. He knows he has mommy's attention, so goes and sits by her chair and wags his tail and looks very sweet to really break her.
As Daddy tries to continue to pretend he isnt noticing, I move in with the Sasha snuggle. This always gets him.But if all else fails, laying my head on mommy's lap is a guaranteed lovin' session.
After all this hard work, we know the Migration is quick to commence and we got into


Chef said...

Yup, Mindy Lu. You and Max have the right moves. Wow. You are tall. My face doesn't come anywhere near the plates. Isn't it funny how our cute faces get them every time? And the face on the lap trick ... never fails!


The PR Gang said...

How could anyone resist those faces?! You've definitely got the moves down!

Mango said...

Excellent technique. Especially the tag team.


Amber said...

Great moves! I use some of those same moves and it works sometimes for me too! Silly humans can never resist the sweet faces can they...do you ever give a little whine too?

Abbey said...

They are the exact moves Chels makes...shes like a stealth bomber