Monday, September 22, 2008


Monday Memories has been changed to Mommy's Monday. I havent been with mommy and daddy long enough to have a lot of memories yet, so I am going to let mommy blog on Monday's, since she has been nice enough to let me have the rest of the week. BARK!

Mindy Lu here... I have been reading the water adventures that Bella, Chelsea and the PR gang have been enjoying lately. Even Chef went to the water at the beginning of the month, and our new friend Nala went hiking near the water last month. So, as Sasha so modestly reported recently, they really have been very good doggies and we had Saturday free to take them on their own adventure.

Loading the green machine was quite an exciting event. Both dogs were anxious to go somewhere new. Max just gets in and settles down. Sasha likes to sit between us, and watch where we are going, paying careful attention to every turn.

We were told of this waterhole in the next town over. I was still unsure exactly where it was, or if other dogs would be there or not. I called a friend on the way to ensure we were in the right area, but was unable to reach her. Google satalite didnt show water very well, so we decided to risk and try it out.

We reached what we thought was the designation, saddled up the horses, opps, I mean leashed up the pups and hiked off the main road.

Sasha was very excited about all the new smells and sounds of crickets, birds and insects. We kept a close watch for critters and snakes.

Finally, we reached what we thought would be a water hole, but...

Where's the water??? Oh no!!!

So we hiked back, through what felt like the barren desert (yes, this is sunny California!). Despite what Sasha says, Max is NOT afraid of his own shadow:

Where to next, mom?

Fortunatly, I had thought ahead, and made reservations at a friends pool, just in case we didnt find the water hole. So back to town we go. Sasha has been here before, but we cant get her past the first step. She wants to try so bad, but cant get past the depth drop.

This was Max's first visit. He comes to the edge and just lays down, no matter how hard we tried!

Now, how can I force this face into the water? He was just happy to be cooled down with splashes.Even though we never found the water hole. Both dogs were thourghly exhausted and slept the rest of the day.

Until next monday--- Sit!


meemsnyc said...

It looks like you had a really great adventure! That pool looks nice.

The PR Gang said...

Water hole or not, it looked fun. That pool sure does look inviting!

Our Girl Blue said...

Hey! Glad you guys went on a little adventure - it looked like fun! Sasha & Max - don't feel bad about the pool. I jumped in when we were on vacation & I didn't like it too much - I tried to get out as fast as my big paws could take me. Thanks for the award you gave me - I love your blog, too!

Anonymous said...

Even without water they would of had a ball, Chels loves anywhere thats new sights and smells...

Im starting to think most Danes just arent fans of water. There is no way Chels would get in the pool, even at the beach its knee deep and thats it.

I love the video (you can almost here Sash think 'What the hell is this!' and the last pic of Max is gorgeous.

We're getting the map out here too, those last pics of Chels in the bush is actually at an area dogs arent allowed. I spent most of yesterday phoning forestry and they were not even sure of the rules! You can sneak a Maltese in but not a Dane...

Loved Sasha & Max's adventure!

Amber said...

Looks like fun! I need to go hiking again soon!

Mango said...

Sorry your pond was all dried out. Its much easier to get into a pond than go down those scary steps into the pool.

Max has the right idea.