Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News!

Mommy and I went for a drive. First we stopped at her friends house and I got to meet her little furries. Well, really, they didnt have any fur on them, but we all got to go for a walk together. There were all kinds of new smells to sniff. Back into the Green machine and onto the next stop. Mommy said we were going to visit the furrie dok door. It was really hot outside, so we were glad to get into a cool room to wait. We did not have to wait long, when a strange fellow came and took my leash and me away from mommy. I wasnt too sure about that. Who would protect mommy while I was gone? They poked me with some sharp things, then brought me back to mommy. She smelled ok.

A lady came out and told mommy that they didnt get a "you r anal is". I didnt know what she was talking bout, but mommy sure did. We went outside so I could sniff again, and when I started to go potty, mommy tried to put a bowl under me. But I guess she didnt do too well, because her and the lady just laughed when they looked in it. That was the weirdest thing mommy has EVER done with me! I guess the lady told her that the bowl wasnt as important as the other pokes, so we left. While we were there, they also gave me a paw di cure. See how pretty my nails are? Mommy said she will sit down and play with them with the rough stick to make them prettier.
After all that excitement, I had to get a good rest. It sure was exhausting being a good girl princess for mommy ALL day!

Oh, the good news? The furry dok door called mommy last night and told her that the test results came back very very good. He told her I dont have to get poked again until next year. BARK! BARK! But even better news? Mommy said I can go on the annual Mont ear aye trip next month with her and daddy. That is the place that spoils furries like me and we get to see lots of moving water and smell so many new things. I asked if we get to stay at the same lair that spoiled me last time and Mommy said yes, because it is their favorite place too. Mommy says it is a more important because that is where her and daddy had their first kiss (YUCK!).

BBBOOOOOFFF!! Sasha the Princess

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The Mama Monster said...

So glad all went well at the furry doctor!!!

~The Mama Monster

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

HI Sasha,

I'm glad to hear that everything went well at the doctor and you are doing well. I'm doing well as well but I sure do love to sleep. Nice mom always says she's going to paint my nails pink but luckily so far she hasn't. Take care my furiend.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane