Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Road Trip- Part 3

After snuggling with mommy and daddy on the masters bed, mommy took me out for a walkie. She said that her and daddy stayed at the same place last year, but since they didnt go for walkies, they did not realize how close they were to the oshen. So it was a good thing I came along to show her all the outdoor wonders. This spot was a few minutes from our safe place. Mommy said it was bootiful to look at in the morning.

So we walked along the big water bowl. It made very loud noises and I got a little scared.

Mommy found this nice walk down to the water bowl. I was as eager as her to head down to the water. But just before we got to the bottom, she changed her mind, and went up some steps.

Good thing, because before we knew it, we would have been hit with all this water. Mommy was pretty scared that she had backed up just in time before this happened. There was no warning and it came real fast. I dont think I know how to swim to save mommy either.

I kept looking for the little furries we have in trees in our territory. Mommy kept trying to tell me there werent furries where we were, but I just knew I would be able to find one.

The rest of the day, mommy and daddy drove around a lot. We got out and walked some. There were lots of other doggies, that I got a little upset about. Then mommy and daddy drove to several places finding somewhere we could all eat together. We found a spot, but the ground was cold, so I just stood and kept an eye out for danger.

I was pretty tuckered when we got back to our safe place. I slept all night, unlike our first night. I think I was too tired to hear anything. Barkarooo.... nothing like a good sleep in front of a fire! BARK! Sasha the Princess


Mango said...

That giant water bowl sloshes around a lot. You need to watch yourself. The fireplace is a good idea. Don't forget to turn around so that you bake evenly.


pam said...

Wow wow wow good thing yer mommy got you outathere before the big water bowl swallowed you up.

We would stay right there by that nice fire Sasha. It looks fit fer a princess.

Bobo and Meja

dewdana said...

Moose thinks you are very Brave for being close to fire. If we had a fireplace there would be no sleeping by anyone while it was lit Woofle woofle woofle!
What a fun trip!