Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out and About Redlands

Mommy said i was better enough to go for longer walkies again, so we jumped into the Green Machine and headed out to site see in town. First we drove into a big box. Then a loud noise started. It sort of scared me. I could see water running all over the Green Machine, then it kept shaking. Mommy kept telling me it was ok, but I wasnt so sure. Then it got dark inside and even more noise. I was not liking this and started shaking real bad. Finally it ended and daddy drove away. Mommy said the Green Machine was now "pretty".

We went to a place called THE REDLANDS BOWL. It was big and had a lot of places for people to sit. I could smell a lot of good stuff. Mommy said that is because people come and eat here and watch and listen people do stuff on the stage. Sounds boring to me.
Daddy and me went up to the stage and pretended to "do stuff".
Mommy said this place was built in 1924 inspired by Mrs Grace Mullen. She was determined to bring Music and Performing arts to everyone, without a charge. Mommy says the place really fills up with people for all the summer events. Her and daddy went a couple times without me. She said her favorite was when they played PETER & THE WOLF. She remembers that from when she was a little pup.
This is what it looks like when people start to come. They have picnics around the grassy area and enjoy the coolness of the evening, while that talent is on the stage.

After that, we walked down the street, while I did my sniffies. Then we came to another old building. Notice the big Q-Tips in the sky again? Yep, we have these all over town. I always keep an eye out for those furries that climb them and chatter at me! The Post Office was built in 1930's by the Works Progess Administration. Mommy said that was a group that helped create work for people when there was none. Inside this building is a Museum that shows old postman pictures, postcards and postal tools. This is mommy's favorite post office. She explores the old postcards if she has to wait to long to do her business. I'm just glad she didnt stuff me in one of those post boxes and mail me off.
BARK! Sasha the Princess


pam said...

Sasha we're with you on the box with water. We DON'T LIKE! Glad yer feeling better.

Bobo and Meja

Mango said...

Miss Sasha! You went through the car washy thing. That is very brave of you.

How nice to be going on long walkies again.


The Thundering Herd said...

One advantage of living on a dirt road - no one ever expects the car to be clean.

MainecoonMa said...

LOL your cousin Max went thru one of those 'cleaning boxes' too, he also didn't like it & got scared...but still behaved himself. He stayed in your guest room once for a couple days but dont think you even knew he was there MOL!