Saturday, November 22, 2008


Shortly after mommy got unployed, she started barking. Her barking got worse, everyone up at night. So we have been doing a lot of this lately:
But today was the worse of all... Some girls came knocking on the door. As we were trying to alert mommy about it, she grabbed us by the collar and took us to our safe places. Neither of us are very happy about this!

I tried to give mommy the most pathetic look when she brought the flashy in.

Even dumb Max got the same idea!

We are not sure what is going on out there, but we could hear the loud sucking machine making nose, and lots of chatting. There was an odd smell, that we are not used to. Mommy calls it the "cleaning" stuff smell. I heard mommy tell the girls that people are coming next week for a big feast. Sure hope we dont have to stay in here too long and we can join the feast!

BARK!! Sasha the Princess

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Amber said...

Make sure you are extra good so you can join in on the feast! I think she is talking about the day the humans make turkey! I am always banished to a room at my Nanny's while the humans are eating but Mom and Dad always bring me some turkey in! Good luck and sorry that you had to go to your safe places. :( Better luck next time!