Friday, November 7, 2008


Just before Mommy's odd week started, she allowed me on her seating bench. I was so happy. I snuggled right up to her and didnt move, hoping she wouldnt change her mind. Daddy got out the flashy thing. It was very hot, but I didnt care. Mommy never lets me on her seat, so I was staying as long as she would let me.
Daddy has been busy out back making lots of noises, then spreading the good smelling stuff in the holes he made. I heard mommy say she was going to hide things under the smelly stuff, so they could eat it later. (Dumb Max just had to get into the action and pose for the flashy thing)
Mommy was out in her OFF LIMITS place, when she discovered some more holes. I heards her call Daddy out and they whispered together. Im not sure what it means, but daddy wouldnt let me near, then I saw him plugging up the holes with some stuff. Last time there were holes like that, Daddy let me take care of a fluffy that had made the holes. He was very proud of my hunting skills.

Mommy's eyes have stopped leaking and she is staying busy. She keeps scratching something off a sheet of paper, then jumping in the big green machine and taking off for awhile. Sometimes she comes back smelling like Gramma, so I think she visits her a lot too.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!


Amber said...

Yeah...good for you! Isn't the seating bench amazing! I have basically taken it over in my house. BOL! Mom lays a blanket over it for me and I plop right down in the middle between her and Dad. If she or Dad gets up then I sometimes like to move to their spot since it is nice and warm. They don't like this too much! ;)
Wow, I can't believe you hunted a go girl! If I ever saw one up close I would probably run for the hills. :)

meemsnyc said...

You look so adorable snuggling with your mommy!

Chef said...

I agree - that's the first thing I noticed - how sweet and happy you look cuddling with your mom. Your mom's garden is amazing - I took the link tour! Sorry your mom isn't ployd right now but she has her garden and she has YOU!!


Mango said...

What are your peoples putting in the yard and why is it off limits? I don't understand.

You look like such a smoochie face in mom's lap.