Monday, November 24, 2008


We have to sadly announce that my parents dog, Sassy went to Rainbow Ridge last week. She got cancer and it finally got to the painful point to do the right thing.
Sassy was brought home for my neice, who was living with my parents at the time. She quickly became the family dog, as as my neice grew up and out, Sassy endured herself to my parents. Being a very good dog, as my parents retired, she went on many motorhome trips with them. She got along with all other doggies and all people. During my single days, having only a cat, Sassy gladly filled in the "dog" portion of my life, comeing to visit and go to the beach with me. She loved to romp on the shore and chase seeweed. After we got our big dogs, I liked to call her "little dog" when we visited.
We will see you on the other side of Rainbow Ridge, Sassy! Max and Spike are over there to show you around.


mum of critters said...

:( I'm sorry - But she's free now. She's running along the beach with Oliver!

Amber said...

:( I hate to hear that...we are thinking of you.

Amber & Nala