Sunday, November 9, 2008


Daddy was out back digging again. This time he was digging just little holes. When mommy left to spend the day with Gramma, she told me to supervise daddy to make sure he didnt dig the hole bigger. So I kept close sooper-dog-vision on him. Seems he was pulling little green things out of the ground, so I started pointing out the ones he missed.
Um, Daddy, I think you missed one right here...
Mommy spent the whole day with gramma and was too tired to take us for a migration when she got home. Then the next day, they left us alone for too long. I was so bored, I encouraged dumb Max to pull the bag off the counter, so we each had a bag to play with.But we were very careful not to damage what was inside the bags. We had a lot of fun, until Mommy walked in the door. I think having Gramma around was a good thing, or mommy would have been a lot meaner. She just laughed with Grams and grabbed the flashy thing. Gramma just kept asking "What did you doggies do?" over and over. So when mommy bent down to pick up our play things, I gave her a big wet slurpy up and down her face, which made her and Gramma laugh even more. I love when mommy laughs, it makes my tail swing.
Mommy made sure that her and daddy took us on our migration tonite. Now we have full bellies and tired bodies. Night Night-- Sasha the Princess!


Amber said...

Oh, what fun! I love your writing always make me laugh Sasha!

Mango said...

Woot! Momma says at least those things weren't used when you played with them (whatever that means).