Thursday, November 6, 2008


Mommy says Gramma will be around a lot lately. She moved into a lair of her own near us. Last night we got to see her. Dumb Max kept sitting on her feet. While I gently nugdged her to be petted.
Also something new has happened. Mommy is home all the time now. She seemed sad the other day and I saw her eyes drool a little, then she brought some boxes in and has been unpacking stuff. She said she wont have to be away from us as much for awhile. Something about being unploid. Not sure what that means, but if she is around more, I am happy. I will have to bark a lot during the day now to make sure she knows when there is danger nearby.
BARK!! Sasha the Princess


Mango said...

You are lucky to have mommy AND grandma around more, but it is too bad that mommy's eyes are leaking. You will have to give her extra cuddles right now.


Amber said...

Ahhhh...Sasha, I'm glad you have your Mommy around more but hope she is not too sad much longer! It will make her happy to hear your protective barks and get your kisses. Also, cool that Gramma gets to be close by! I wish my Nanny lived closer. You are so sweet and gentle to give her little pet nudges. Maybe Max was just trying to warm her feet...ya never know, he could be helpful in his own silly way too. ;)