Monday, July 12, 2010


It started happening early in the morning! Mommy and daddy started moving the furnishings around again. I was getting real nervous. Daddy finally made me go lay in my safe place. I made sure they heard QUITE OFTEN how upset I was by this!
When he finally allowed me out, this is what I discovered. I could not get from room to room. Mommy and daddy had to keep going out the front of the lair, and then I would hear their voices behind it.
I would be able to see them a little bit, but could not smell them. That really concerned me, so I put up quite the fuss, until Mommy invited me out back to supervise.

Daddy had this huge machine that made a lot of noise, and he kept walking around the room, but wouldnt allow me in. I think my friend Mango may have gone through something like this too. "Daddy, you missed a spot over there in the corner. Geez... good labor is hard to find these days!"

And mommy was working too. She kept putting some smelly stuff on some boxes. I had to stay very close to make sure she did her job right.

" Um, mom, I think you missed a spot on your nose. Here, let me lick it for you!"
I'm still not sure what all the fuss and work was about, but I think I will find out soon.
BARK! Sasha the Princess


The Mama Monster said...

Maybe you are getting your very own bedroom Sasha!

Lola Bugs

The Mama Monster said...

You already have your own room Sasha? Wow you are a PRINCESS!!! How cool!

Lola Bugs

Terrell Danes said...

Sounds very interesting Sasha! You are a princess!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

Those humans require such close, careful supervision! said...

Ha, looks like we found a celebrity Dane here. In a book already? Wow.

We've just started raising two puppies, a black Dane named Eve and a golden retriever, Link.

We'll def. be stopping by again to see how things are going, Shasha.

-Paul & Kyle