Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mommy said I must have been a very good supervisor, because both her and daddy's projects turned out bootifully. I was finally allowed back into the room daddy was working on, but it is now super slippery. This is how it looks now. Daddy say's he can see his face in the floor now. And he promised me now, that he will not be so mad when I leave those big presents behind. He says that now the floor is protekted from those accidents. I gave him a big face lick for caring for me.See that tiny little red thing in the middle of the floor? That is what mommy put there because I can not get my graceful self up off the floor now. Because my hind legs dont work so well, I know use my front legs entirely to lift myself up from laying down. But on this new bootiful floor, I cannot do it anymore. So I need something to get my paws to stay still. Plus mommy does not want me to scratch up daddy's work. But not to worry about the Princess, my friends, mommy ran out and bought a bigger rug to lay in the middle of the floor, just for my protection and comfort.
The project mommy was working on is now in the good smelling room. She said it is much "stoodier" for her stuff, than the old metal thing she had in there. But I am a bit confused, because she cleaned it all up before she brushed the smelly color onto it, then she wiped it and made it look all dirty again.
Sometimes hoomans make no sense! I am so glad I am a doggie and dont need to attempt such outrageous projects.
BARK! Sasha the Princess


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Those hoomans are so weird. Daddee just finished arr floor, too! Now when we chase tennis balls we slips and slides all over. Waldo has stopped playing wif them inside the howse.

Gus and Waldo

dewdana said...

Definitely beautiful outcome! I am very jealous of the wood floors but I know they are slippery so glad mommee bought you some non-skid flor covers.
Moose + Momma