Sunday, July 4, 2010


Every four day of jewly, mommy and daddy get excited and put out lots of chairs in front of our lair. They dont let me come out and protect them, but I hear all kinds of noises going on. I am usually a good girl and dont bark. So mommy said this year I could come out with them and see all the happenings.
First they set up chairs and get lots of liquid ready.

Then they put all these colored things around them. They even put one on me this year!

There were a lot of hommans walking around and we did a lot of watching. Mommy even sat and relaxed for a little bit. I kept a close eye out for any other furries. If any passed by, mommy would take me inside for a few minutes, to keep me out of trouble.

Then a bunch of loud noises started happening. Some hoomans walked by holding a pole with a peice of material hanging off it. All the hoomans around me stood and held their chests. I was worried everyone was getting sick, but after the man with the pole walked by, everyone sat down again. Then more noise came and all kinds of things went by in front of our lair. It was pretty fun and relaxing to watch. Mommy kept yelling and clapping. I kept an eye on her to make shure she was ok.

Mommy and daddies good friend is a hooman that goes to peoples house everyday and drops off stuff. The kind that I bark at. So when his hooman friends drove by, everyone around me started clapping and making noise!
After everything was all done and the people started going away, daddy's friend let his little hooman try to ride me. This is baby Samual. Mommy says this is the first time someone put drool on ME!
Well, mommy and daddy are leaving now to go watch the big barks in the sky. I just had my dinner so I am going to go sleep now, until they get back home.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!


Mama Monster said...

Looks like a fun time Sasha!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day! Are you on Facebook Sasha?