Tuesday, January 20, 2009


BARK! I was just laying the floor meditating, when my paw-dar sensed something moving near me. I jumped up to investigate. I couldnt smell it, but it was moving. Something was up! I kept trying to get mommy and daddy's attention, but they just kept staring at the square box. Then they started laughing at me! Can you beleive it? They laughed at ME! The PRINCESS! Mommy ran and grabbed her flashy thing again, and took a picture of the moving thing. I was very alert, and made sure it didnt make any sudden moves on her.
Then mommy was so brave. She let it move onto her hand. She told me it was a "Pill Bug" and I didnt need to worry. She was so glad I didnt eat it, and let it be. Then she took it outside and let it go free.
Then I went back to mediating! BARK!
PS-- My friend Mango reminded me that he is from Master-chew-sits. I think mommy was watching a little too much of that MA, PA, Laura bunch, and got confused and all!
Sasha-- The Princess!


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Ur a gud huntur, Sasha. Itz gud dat woo pwo-tekt ur familee fwom dat bad pill!

Gus and Waldo

Mango said...

Sasha, princess, you should have posted a warning. My momma FREAKED when she saw that your mom let that buggie crawl on her (my mom is a total bug whimp). You were right to alert that there was a invader in your house.


Amber said...

Good job Sasha! Those little bugs are dangerous...I personally have a major distrust of flies. :)

Keep up the good work,