Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mom is feeling better and starting to move around a lot more lately, leaving the lair for longer times away. The other day she left for almost the whole day. We are not sure how much we are going to like this. So we are trying to show her how much we need her here, with us.
We are not suppose to come into the "stay away" room unless invited, but I had to show mom I love her so much. So I very slowly stepped in, and kept alert for her energy. She seemed calm, so I crept forward, head low. She looked back, and watched me. Then instead of pointing for me to leave the room, she signaled me over, and let me put my head in her lap as she tapped on the table and stared at the square box some more. Then she couldnt resist any longer, and had to start tapping the table with one hand, while the other hand gave me the masage I was begging for.

But dont you know it, The Princess had to interupt. Just standing at the door waiting to be invited in, didnt work for her, so she ran and got the Pink Bone.

NOT THE PINK BONE!! It gets 'em every time! Dad walked in at the same time, and the whole quiet mood was gone. The Princess became the center of attention again!
Personally, I think she is pretty mean with that darn Pink Bone, but mom and dad think she is adorable with it. They say it has lasted longer than any of her toys.
What's a Dude to do?
PAW! Max the Dude!


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Max, did you teach Waldo how to get petted in the forbidden room? Because he's VERY good at it!

Dog Mom

Amber said...

Well, at least ya got a little quiet time with Mom...looks like you were enjoying it. :) Sorry about the pink bone fiasco...that silly Sasha!