Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mommy went to the pawspital the other day. When daddy brought her home she was real sleepy and we had to stay away from her. But gramma and grampa were here too, so we got lots of petting. Daddy slept in the big room with us, and was he loud!
So we have been good doggies and laying around with mommy all day, making sure she is ok. Dumb Max gets too close to her tummy, and daddy has to make him go lay down a lot. But mommy gives us her loving eye's from her chairbed. She has been staring the square picture box, which she usually never looks at. I hear the same voices coming from it over and over. There is Pa, Ma, Laura and some others. Sometimes mommy's eye's leak too. Then she points that long thing, and it starts again. I dont know how much longer I can stand those voices, but it sure seems to make mommy happy.

Mommy said when she is feeling better, she is going to fix our paw nails for us. Max's nail is so sharp it cut mommy awhile back, so she came home with this box. I dont know who those are on the front cover and I dont know if I am going to like it.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!


meemsnyc said...

We heard about this PediPaws, does it work?

I love Little House on the Prairie!!

We hope your mom feels better soon.

Amber said...

Hope your Mommy feels better soon! :) My Mom likes those old, sappy movies too....but her favorite is Anne of Green Gables. :)


Mango said...

Sasha princess,
Stop by my bloggy later today. I gaven you an award! Stay warm.


Mango said...

Sasha Princess,
I was so consumed by your lovliness all sleeping on your bed that I lost my manners.

I hope your mom is feeling OK. Watching the square box is good therapy (especially if you have a TV show with many seasons to view). I hope her eye leaking doesn't last too long. You can kiss her to make her better.


P.S. Your carpet is really nice. It matches you and Max.