Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful Day

Today was yard work day. Plus it was finally warm enough to give Lance another bath. Then I came outside to this?

Hmmm, think he is not ready for a bath yet?

Then as I start to weed, he would follow me, and lay in the freshly weeded, turned soil. I had just moved this little palm fledgling, when he decided to lay ON it!
NO! So I helped move him just to the side, and he stayed there like a good man.

 Cinder is getting very antsy about wanting to come outside. She stands at the door, and tries to run out as soon as Lance comes in. We are not quite sure if she will make a run for it, so not ready to test it yet.

We pulled out one of the GIANT crates we have, and put it together to take pictures to list on Craigslist. Then I thought it would be a GREAT chance for Cinder to come out and get some fresh air too.

She was very good. Explored the crate for awhile. Then smelled everything she could. Then settled down and watched us work most of the day. She was very calm. She is such a good kitty. We hit the jack pot when we got her. 

Lance finally got his bath and all his nails trimmed and filed. He and I laid in the front yard for a bit to let the sun dry his fur. He was so calm, let me lay next to him, then laid his head on my back. What a good guy he is. I can never tell him enough what a good, handsome boy he is. 

Now for me...? I am going to be SORE tomorrow! Lot's of advil tonight. Maybe a glass of wine too :-)


Dobermom said...

At least Sir Lancelot didn't lay in the dirt after his bath. Hope his seroma has gone down.

I'm sure Cinder did enjoy herself outside. Most of my cats didn't care to be outside, but the ones that did, loved it. The 2 I have now don't care for it.

Give your little ones a hug and kiss on the nose from me.

Dexter said...

I get my baths at daycare. Momma always says "let Dexter back out with his friends after his bath. Even if he gets dirty, he will still be cleaner than when he started."

That is true. Besides, I am sure that dirt feels dandy on your undercarriage.


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We're not getting around much anymore due to mama's health issues, but we wanted to catch up on Sir Lance. We're so happy he's doing better. Has his intestinal problem cleared up, too? We're going to have to look up 'seroma'; decades of dogs and mama's never heard of it. We're just happy things seem to be working out so well for Lance and his sisfur Cinders.