Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to the Vet

Good news or bad news first? 
I guess I prefer to let you leave the blog with a smile, so I'll start with the not-so-good news. 

A couple months ago we noticed a hard patch of skin on his side, about a foot long and 6 inches wide. It was just hard, but fur seemed fine, and he didn't pay any attention to it. When we pointed it out to the vet, she was baffled too, but said to just keep an eye on it, in case it got bigger (I'm sure she realized we had bigger issues at the time). So I have watched it, and it seemed to be getting smaller. A couple weeks ago, little puffs of hair would pull out if you rubbed or pulled on it, and it looked scaly underneath. But still seemed to be getting smaller. Then on Monday, after he did his morning stretch we discovered blood coming from it. Seemed to be a small slit. So I called the vet and got him in this AM. She said it seemed to be like a scab, where the skin was growing under it, and pushing it away. Our choice was to let it continue to heal, but as the scab pulled away, there would be an open wound to maintain and care for, which could take awhile. Or, let her remove the scab and stitch up the new skin, so that could heal right away: No open wound to care for. 

Just coming off the stomach flu and married to a man that will pass out if he see's someone else's gore (never mind that HE grew up in the Emergency room!), we chose the surgery. So back under poor Lancelot went.

When we picked him up this evening, he was still pretty messy. He has 50 stitches, about 2 ft long. Took a tech and my hubby both to get him in the vehicle, then 3 guys to carry him into the house. He has been down for almost 3 hours now. Still tired and I'm sure very sore. My poor guy. With that side all stitched up, he is looking more like Franken-Dog, than my Sir Lancelot! I hope this is IT!! Please keep him in your prayers for quick healing.

Now for the fun story. BEFORE all this happened... he was my HERO! This weekend, the back door was left open a crack when we took him out to go potty. As soon as I discovered it, we went in search for Cinderella the kitty (who has not been allowed outdoors). Did I mention it was NIGHTIME? In a dark yard, trying to find a little 7 lb kitty. Yeh right! Then I saw her... dart toward the back of the yard. So I called for Lance, and he came running. I said "Get Cinder!" and he chased her back into the regular part of the yard . Then he cornered her, until I could reached them. They both stopped and sniffed each other, and then she ran past me. At this point hubby came out to help. She ran onto the side of the house, dark again, so I sent Lance... "Go get Cinder!" and he and hubby went looking and Lance cornered her again, until she gave up and ran into the house. MY HERO! I made such a big deal out of it and of course he got a treat! There is some spunk in my handsome boy!

There, hope that leaves you with a smile.

Barks, snuggles and slobbers - Fur Mom


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Hey folks,
such a nice thing to do, post memoirs of your animals. Thanks for sharing. I have to say, the reading prompted sorrow and smiles. The sorrow is not so bad to experience because, I had a chance to reflect on the love God allowed me to give and to have among the animal companions of my past.
My blogging these days is for my business. I was clicking through various blogs to see if I can find people who would be interested in establishing a network among construction type business and I was touched to see the great dane.
Thanks for the read.\

Dobermom said...

Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery for sweet Lance! What a good boy he is!