Saturday, January 5, 2013

Full Day

Last night Lancelot paced most of the night. Dad got up and would get him to lay down, then no sooner leave the room, and up he was pacing again. No potty or business breaks needed. 

So today we were determined to wear him out, so he will sleep tonight.

First, we went for a long walk... he was pretty pooped after this.
So tuckered, that he pretty much slept through me cutting and filing all his nails. YAH!

Then we went to the dog park. Some of you may remember, Sasha was not to hip on being around other doggies. For Lance, it is a non-issue.
A dobie took a little bit of too much personal interest in Lance, which Lance was not going to stand for. I was very proud of his behaviour. He tolerated it for only so long, then just let out a loud bark. Of course, Dad stepped in to make sure a scuffle didn't happen, but the dobie usually ran off. 

Lance tries to catch up with the young wipper-snappers, but he just doesnt have the speed. And if you look closely in the last video, there is a little dog with a high wagging tail, following the pack. This little guy, Skip, really took a liking to Lance. Although it didn't bother Lance any, Skip's mom was a bit embarrassed that Skip's interest got a bit personal, and he even thought he could "climb" on lance. It was pretty funny. As we were leaving, he came over to say goodbye.

After the dog park, we headed to a local "Self-serve Pet Wash". Sasha had gone there in the past, and I really liked it. They supply the shampoo, towels, combs, blow dryer, you-name-it, its there. Last time I just had Sasha stand, but the owner really pushed to have us put lance in the sink. So 2 girls and my hubby picked him up and set him in. That was quite interesting to witness. 
 At the beginning he was ok with the whole thing. But as we progressed, he soon realized he didn't have much room to move around in. So he didn't look very comfortable or happy. 
 But he was very good, and mostly stayed still while we washed (mom took occasional pictures). At one point he almost tried to jump out, which terrifed me, so the "restraint" went back on.
Then all three hefted him out again, and we toweled him off, and gave him a blow dry while he sat and enjoyed it. I was very proud of him.

On the way home, we made one more stop to visit some friends that wanted to see him. They are the ones with the "Silver-dappled Doxie" that we watched last summer. Their doxie is about the size of Lancelot's head, so they were quite shocked at his size, but he got a lot of love.

Now he is home, on a clean bed, and we are trying hard to keep him awake, so all in the house will get a good nights sleep.

And what, you ask, did Cinderella do all day?


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Well done, Lance! Looks like you've got a nice bromance going with Skip. Hope all the exercise and activity is helping you to get into the habit of sleeping through the night. Makes the paw-rents really happy when you do that. Model yourself on Cinders; she seems to have napping perfected.

Mama is going to offer an unsolicited opinion based on her years of living with Danes and doing Dane rescue, especially with your dragging toe issues: no more hoisting into a small sink for your bath. If the owner won't allow you to stand on the ground for a bath, find someplace else. If you do have neurological issues, that hoisting is for sure not helpful for you.

Indigo and Malach the Great Danes said...

Wow that really sounds like everydoggy's dream day! Lucky you Lancelot! Bet you slept after that :p
Lots of love, from Indigo and Malach

Dobermom said...

Lancelot and Cinder are both so beautiful! I've always had a fondness for Great Danes. They're so beautiful.