Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Vet Visit

Lance and I took our first trip alone. I was able to help him up the ramp into the Big Green Machine and then we parked by a small mound at the end of the parking lot, that allowed Lance to just step off the tail gate to the ground. We were going on our first vet visit. He did very well on the ride, sat in the back like a good boy. Of course, putting the ramp in the middle space between the head rests, helps to keep him from trying to climb up front. We learned that early on.

This was a new vet for us, so was not sure what to expect. Lance paced the office and smelled every space he could get his nose into. He panted a bit, but otherwise was calm and very behaved. Even when he smelled and heard a dog on the other side of the door. 

The vet gave us a lot of hope. I discovered she has other big doggie clients, so that raised her a notch in my opinion. She did a lot of checking and gave me an inventory of her concerns (which matched most of mine). Most of what she wants to do, she said she would prefer to have him asleep (ie: infected ear flush and bad dental plaque and abscesses). She did discover that he has worms, which she said may be a huge culprit to some of his issues and we started treatment immediately  She sent us home with some special medicine food and some antibiotic tablets. He will be going back next week for his big day of treatment. 

We really love this guy and have decided we can live with his lameless, arthritis and/or hopefully old age ortho issues. But we are hoping the rest (tummy, ears & teeth) can be resolved with short-term antibiotics and treatment. He hasn't exhibited a single behavior issue, which is a huge relief and blessing. We can trust him around other dogs. Seeing a squirrel or cat on the walk doesn't get more than a look and then back to the usual sniffing. People coming to the door, just gets a greeting, no barking or aggression. He is incredibly sweet and loving. We have seen small glimpses of his playfullness, so knowing it is in there, are anticipating better health bringing more of it out. Of course, since we got him, Sunny California has had an abnormal amount of drizzle and rain. Playing outside hasnt been much of an option. Looking forward to sunny days, good health and seeing his personality emerge.

In the meanwhile, I have become addicted to a site that has a full time web cam on a group of Great Dane Service puppies. Almost all of them are Mantle's, so I can picture what Lancelot looked like as a little guy. My heart just goes pitter-patter when I watch these cute little guys, then I run over and give my big guy a kiss on his nose and call him my Big Pup! Check out the site here.

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Dexter said...

Having a bet who routinely works with giant dogs is so important. They have special needs and considerations. It sounds like he is doing great and hopefully his issues will get cleared up.

Mango Momma