Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Still Here

Oh my, mommy just signed on and everything looks different. It has been WAY too long!

Well anyway... I am still here. My leggies are getting worse and I need more help getting up to do my thing. Mommy and Daddy are being very patient with me and showing me lots of love. I sleep a lot, but still go for my morning sniffies, just not very far from the lair.

Sometimes mommy's eyes start to leak and she comes and lays down next to me and gives me lots of lovin's. And when mommy is gone at night, Daddy does it too. He tells me what a good doggie I have been and that he does not want me to go anywhere. They both take turns cleaning up my messies, even though I try real hard to keep them outside. I know Mommy and Daddy love me lots.

Mommy said the Princess collar was looking pretty bad. Parts of it were following off.

 So she went out and got me a NEW Princess collar. Here and daddy made such a big deal about how pretty I looked with my new necklace.

What do you think?

Leaving you with a laugh!

BARK! Sasha the Princess


Bella said...

Oh sweetie I'm sorry you're not feeling so spry. I'll keep you and your Mommy and Daddy in my prayers.

brooke said...

Oh Sasha. We're sending you big hugs from Seattle!

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...


You are beautiful! I love your new collar.

I am sad to hear you're having some troubles. My back legs give me some troubles too. I stumble more than I used to and they seem to get kinda shaky. I guess we're both members of the mature gals club ;)