Monday, May 28, 2012

Bed Collection

When I first came to my forever home, I tried to claim this bed.
 But Mommy and Daddy said NO!

 Then Mommy got me this big bed. It is the biggest they found at Costco. I have gone through many of these beds.  

When I get bored with it, I flip it and try to squeeze back on.

When I started having accidents, Mommy got me an alternate bed to use when she is washing my regular bed. Here I am trying to do Doga on it. It is not my favorite.

This weekend, Mommy and Daddy went "Yard Sale-ing" They said that is where people go to other peoples lairs and dig through their junk and bring it back to their own lair. 

They met some other people who used to have a big doggie and when they heard my story, the peoples gave them this BIG BIG bed for me. They said it would be real helpful for my sore leggies. It is the PERFECT bed. It fits all of me. I really like it.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!


Mango said...

Miss Sasha! I am so happy that you have a proper bed at last. I know how grouchy the humans can get when full sized doggies like us flatten the $$$$ doggie beds in no time.

You rest those leggies, OK?


Anais said...

Aaaaaaaw what a nice bed!

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

Yeah! That looks like a nice comfy bed. Have you tried anything like Glucosamine, massage, water therapy, exercises to help your sore leggies? Mom's trying to walk me more and get me moving to maintain muscle strength, but I just can't walk as far as I used to :( I do like to lay in the sunshine. I wonder if that counts.