Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The big water bowl in the sky stopped leaking the next day. But mommy and daddy wanted to stay in bed, so I got to snuggle up with them. Mommy wants to make sure the "hotel people" know that I never slept on the masters bed. I only got to get up once and snuggle for a few minutes. Daddy had to push my bum up cause my leggies were too tired. Then I made all my snuggle noises. At home the bed is too hight to even attempt to get up on. Mommy and daddy never left me alone in the lair, but one time they tricked me and very sneakily walked out the door faster than I could get up and follow them. I could hear them snickering on the other side of the door, then they came back and petted me. They just wanted to see if I would bark when they were gone. I didnt bark, but I sniffed the door for a long time. So from then on, anytime they were near the door, I situated myself right in front of it, so they couldnt get away without me!
When I finally got mommy and daddy moving, we went down to the big water bowl. It was very bootiful again. Last time we were here, mommy and I almost got drow ned with the water coming up real high. Mommy walked the other way real fast and saved us. This time we stayed farther away.
Isn't this a good meditation pikchur of daddy and me?
Apparently this hooman wasnt too concerned about her and her furry being drow ned! They just walked and played along the whole danger zone. That doggie actually got all the way into that cold water bowl... bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr, not the princess!

On our walk, I finally spotted one of those tree furrys! It even started shouting things at me. I got really worked up. Daddy had to hold me back. Mommy apoligizes for the pikchure being sideways.

After all that excitement, I needed some sleepy time. So back to my favorite spot.
Mommy and daddy got tired of sleeping and we went for another drive. This time I got left behind, while they strolled the streets. Hmmmppphh! Mommy tried to tell me that my paws were too tired to keep walking and I needed to stay behind and let them heal. Finally we settled for the night. See how much mommy took care of my paws. But it helped keep the floor of the lair clean.


Sasha, The Princess!


bbes tribe said...

Sasha, you look a lot like our Sasha - you are the same color but probably bigger. Sounds like you all had a fun trip. That big water is sure beautiful. We like the water.

dewdana said...

Sleeping is one of our favorite things to do here too! I am glad you got to snuggle with them in the hotel bed- vacations are for doing things you can't do at home!
Nice to see you again pretty girl!
Moose + Momma!

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hello my furiend Sasha,

I just finished reading about your adventure and what fun you had. I'm so sorry you hurt your feet and hope they are getting better now. We usually go away for Turkey Day but this year we stayed home so nothing exciting going on here but I did go and see Santa and I'll have to post that picture soon...that big guy really scares me.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane