Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad about Redlands- Part 1

My friend Tucker is doing STAYCATION stuff. Which means instead of going on a real long trip, take short little trips and be a turist around your own territory. Since mommy and daddy don't really want to go anywhere right now, with me being an old ladee and all, mommy decided it would be fun to make all of you turists in our town. So....
Our first stop on the tour is God's Four Corners. This is on the corner of Olive and Cajon, major streets in our town.
It is called this name because it has a church on every corner except one. And that corner USED to be a mortuary. So they used to say, one way or the other you would end up at this corner of town.
This is a really pretty church. It was one of the first churches that came to our town in the early 1900's. Mommy say's of course it has been revised a few times.
This is another view of the same church. See the big big tall Palm tree's? We have these all over town. You will be seeing them often.

This is the local Catholic church, behing the Baptist church. They are so close, they almost look like the same church.

This was the first church in our town, in the 1800's. It used to be real little, and only a block from where we live. But it grew and grew, so when the town made a downtown area, the church moved here.
This is the front door of that church. Mommy say's it looks like something from another country. Very stately.
This is another view of the first ever church. It still looks like an older church. See the top where there is a bell (left side)? It still rings. In fact there are at least three churches that ring their bells, and if you are around town you can hear them.

This is the 3rd church on the corner. It has been modernized a lot as you will see in the next pichure.

See that big circle window? Mommy thinks it looks horrible. With all the other churches looking more historic. But behind it, the rest of the buildings match the rest of town.
This building used to be a mortuary. A while back another company that owned it, modernized it. But just recently, a historic company bought it, and turned it back to it's original look. Mommy says it fits perfect in town. See those big tall tree's again?

This is an old house just next door to the old mortuary. It has been turned into a Lawyer and Dentist office. Daddy did some work on this house, so we had to take a pichure of it. Mommy wanted to get the tall tree's in the pichure, but she is so far away you cannot see me and daddy in the pichure. But if you look real close we are there, in front of the steps.

Now I am pretty tuckered. It has been hot here in Redlands, and that was a lot of walking around the corners, crossing streets. So I gotta go home and get some yummy ice treats that mommy promised me for being such a good girl.

Thank you for joining us on our tour. See you next time. BARK! Sasha the Princess


Tucker said...

Whoa Sasha - those are some pretty tall trees. They are funny looking too - we don't have trees like that in Maine, no way. I guess If we did they would look like lollypops in the winter time.

You sure did a lot of modeling for the flashy machine!

woof - Tucker

Anonymous said...

That was a good idea Sasha! To take the hoomans into town and show how it looks like here...

MainecoonMa said...

Hey Sasha, Mawm sayz she uzed to live there in Redlandz too...of course WAY before we were borned. She had Max then ~you remember him~ and said itz one of the oldezt but prettiezt townz!! Maybe we can vizit sometime....yah right, like we would succumb to a 6 hour car ride MOL MOL!!

{Amanda} said...

What pretty photos! And what a gorgeous girl! ♥ Great blog!

You should come check out my Danes, Layla & Lucius! They're both adopted & have added so much love to my little family ♥

* *

Mango said...

I really like that house in the last picture. It almost doesn't look real with all the fancy work on it.


L3 said...

I used to live in Redlands! Up by Valley Academy and the Lutheran Church, on Lynne Court. You should post a picture of the library - it's the coolest one. Ever.
I was not a dog owner, then, but our old cat loved it!

Anonymous said...

What a great tour! Those trees are HUGE!!

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