Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I dont feel good

I have been having a lot of accidents at night, so mommy has been sleeping in my lair with me, to let me out if I need to go. Daddy said he misses mommy, so they decided it was time for me to visit the furries dokdoor. Daddy pulled out the new ramp for me... And into the big green machine I flew!

The new ramp fits a lot better for me. The one daddy made for Max was a bit too big and I couldnt lay down comfortably with it near me. And mommy likes the new one cause she can actually pick it up too. So off we went for a ride.

Wait, what is this place I have never been here before. Am I getting my pawnails trimmed again? But you dont expect me to get up on that table do you?

Ok, I am ready for my paw-d-cure. Where's the clippers?
Then to my surprise, someone else came in, and stook something in my bum. I didnt like that too much, but mommy petting me made it not so bad. Then he pressed all over me. It was a bit sore when he pressed on my back, and then he started pulling my leg. Whats this all about. Never had this before. Then he took me away from mommy and daddy and the rest is a secret. But I didnt really like it too much. When I finally went back to mommy and daddy I was real sore. Too sore to even empty myself out. We went home and mommy took me for a walk, and kept telling me to "go, go, go". I was so tired, I didnt know what she meant. So we went home. Daddy took me out back and said "go, go go", but I didnt know what he meant at first, then when I emptied myself, mommy and daddy cheered. Mommy got to sleep in her own bed.
But then it happened, more stuff came out, and more stuff and more stuff. Daddy woke to find all the stuff. He took me for walkies and the stuff kept coming out. My bum is now sore and it feels like stuff wants to come out, but there is nothing coming out. And I dont really want to eat dinner. Mommy tried everything, but nothing smelled good except a treat. I dont like how I smell right now either. Mommy keeps washing me, but it is sore, so I try to get away. This morning mommy said "No more MEDS!". I finally got a little hungry after mommy mixed some yummies in my food, so I ate. But stuff is still trying to get out.
~~~I just dont feel good. BARK! Sasha the sick princess!~~~
Note from mom: The good news: The vet said Sasha's hips are GREAT! He took xrays and said her spine is degenerated (did I say that right?) but it is slowly happening with time. He was more concerned about the arthritis in her knee's. So he did a liver test and said we could start on Rimadyl and would have the test results in a couple days. After the xrays, he warned she may be a bit sore, but after the meds kick in, she will start feeling better. More good news is that if she is able to continue on them, she may have a lot more time of life than we were expecting, even years. Bad news: The side effects of the meds hit right away. So I took her off first thing this am, and the vet confirmed to keep her off and we talk tonite about the Liver results. He said we have to wait 3 days to get it out of her system until he can prescribe something different. My poor girl. Her bum is red and stinky. I can barely keep up with washing it for her. We just keep the door open for her to go out when she needs to. She must have gone outside every half hour last night. Hope this ends soon. Our dryer is broke, so we have things drying all around the yard now. For once I am thankful for the hot Redlands summer heat! Max was on Rimadyl during his last days and had no problems. But it is a dog by dog case. We will have to try something else. More updates to follow.


Mango said...

Miss Sasha,
Your sick bottom is from the Rimadyl? I have taken it a few times but never had those side effects. I currently take something called metacam for my sore legs. I hope you can find out what is wrong.


P.S. Momma says that when Raja's legs got really bad that she started taking drugs much stronger than NSAIDs because she did not have many happy days left and momma did not want her to be in pain (even if it hurt some of her insides long term). She did not have long term by then if you know what I mean.

brooke said...

Poor Sasha! Rimadyl made Darwin have poop accidents a lot too so we stopped giving those to her.
Have you tried accupuncture for your arthritis? I'm a total believer in it now that it's helped Darwin so much.

The Mama Monster said...

Hope you feel better soon sweet girl!!!

Lola Bugs

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, Sasha, we're sorry you're feeling so poorly. It doesn't sound like you have been having any fun. (Or your mom & dad either.) We hope they get you on the right med for you and you feel better.

dewdana said...

Oh no! We have never heard of poo troublesfrom Rimadyl. Moose has taken Deramaxx for knee trouble. It is awesome for many doggies and other doggies have very bad reactions too it. I hope your doc can fix you up!

doyle and mollie said...

oh we so hope you feel better soon loves and licks

Honey the Great Dane said...

OH no - poor Sasha! That sounds awful! I hope you start to feel better soon and stuff stops coming out of your bottom (well at least, in a way you can control!)

I also take Rimadyl with no problems. I don't have arthritis but ever since I was a pup, I have always been banging myself and pulling muscles and tendons and stuff coz I play so roughly - so I have been on Rimadyl lots of times but luckily, it doesn't seem to do anything bad to my tummy.

I hope they find a better medicine for you!

Honey the Great Dane

The Thundering Herd said...

Poor Sasha - hope you get better soon.

Tucker said...

Oh Sasha, I hope you feel better soon. It's never good when Danes have stuff coming out of their bums a lot. YOu know, everything is bigger with a DANE.

woof - Tucker