Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What the heck...?

Mommy got the bright idea from some guy named BRUTUS to put this green thing on my paw. She said it will help my pawnail to not drag and then make red stuff come out of it.I was mildly curous as she put it on, after that, I didnt feel a thing. Hmmm, that is odd. But it does make a funny sound when I walk fast or run. Sort of like "thwack, thwack, thwack". So far no holes.

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Note from mommy: These are called PAWZ. Our friend Moose directed us to Brutus to check out how they work. I did a local search and only found 2 pet shops carrying them, both almost an hour away. Fortunatly, I was going to be in the vicinity of one of those special shops, so pouring rain and all, I ran in and bought their LAST Giant size, only color of green. They came in a package of 12 for only $12.95. Not bad. Plus there was a Barkery on site, so Sasha got a nice fancy decorated biscuit too (What I won't do for my Princess girl)! The sales clerk said they have been selling like crazy. I wonder if Brutus is advertising to everyone? We live 1/2 hour from the Southern California Mountains, which are full of snow right now, so I can assume this is the reason for the "hot cake" selling. Sasha doesnt even notice it on her paw, and it has kept her nail from being shaved and bleeding. So far no holes in the boot. It feels like a thick balloon, like a punching balloon. It stretches wide, to insert over the paw, then tightens back up, with enough give to not stop circulation. Excited to see how long each one lasts. Oh, and if you want some exitement, be sure to check out Brutus's blog with his boots. FUUUUUNNY!!!

PS- Thank you everyone for your input. I am on the way to convincing hubby to prepare for another vet bill to at least see what we may be dealing with. We currently have her on glucosamine-chrondritin. It has not been quite a month yet, so waiting also to see if that helps. We will keep you posted- Love Sasha's Mommy


Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Sasha,

I'm so glad your mom found something to keep your paw from bleeding. Take it easy ole girl, I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Your fellow old girlfriend.

Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Amber and Nala said...

How great Sasha! Those would be better than the sock I'm wearing right now but no stores in my town carry them. Glad it is working. Guess what??? A Great Dane pup just came to live next door to me or so Mom tells me. I have to wait until she gets a bit bigger before I can meet her but I am SO excited. :)


dewdana said...

Glad they are working so far! As far as I could see they don't even make them in non rainbow colors... Odd choice to not make grey brown or black IMO! Anyway, you look beautiful in any color!

Anonymous said...

Good job Sasha! You're now practicing safe walking!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's so neat there is something available to help Sasha like this.