Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Memory of...

A doggy of my mommys bestest friend, who lives in washing town, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Before I came along, Zeus and Thor were the biggest doggies my mommy ever played with. When she visted her friend, Kat, for her wedding, they sniffed mommy to death, and then woke her every morning with sniffie sounds coming under the door. When mommy opened the door, they would pounce on her and give her wet noses. Here is a pic of mommy visiting Zeus and his big brother Thor.
Her and daddy went and visited washing town after they got married, and daddy fell in love with Zues and his new sister. Mommys friend Kat fosters Boxers and is the one that encouraged mommy and daddy to foster us big doggies too.
This is the note from Zeus's mommy:
Today my old Zeus crossed the rainbow. He was my son, my friend, my heart, and soul. He greeted every day happy and ready love unconditionally. I will miss him way too much. He goes to meet his big brother Thor and his best big kitty sister Hannah, as well as many of the foster dogs that have passed through our doors. He leaves behind little sister Freya, little brother Baulder, and his loving parents Jason and Kathy, plus many extended family that will miss him terribly.

Zeus taught every dog that came to live with us that stuffed animals where the best toys to play with. You could play with them, but in the end, they were all his.
This is mommy and her bestest friend Kat, the day before Kats wedding.

Good bye Zeus. Say Hi to Max and Mr Darcy. Make sure Max doesnt confuse you for me, with your pretty coloring and all.

BARK! Sasha the Princess


dewdana said...

So sorry to hear it. It sounds like Zeus was a great guy with an awesome family.

Amber and Nala said...

We are sorry for this sad news. :(

Nala & Amber

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sorry to hear about Zeus. It sounds as if he was quite a dog and made life happier for those who knew him. Warm purrs and tail wags.

Mango said...

It is sad to hear about a good pal crossing over the bridge. Your friend must feel lonely. We send our love.