Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess Stuff

Finally, mommy realized I needed my own crown. What do you think? Does it make me look skinnier? Mommy is thinking of putting this for my blog picture. Give me your opinion. Yesterday mommy was home most of the day, so I could go in and out all day whenever I wanted. Mommy had the big water bowl turned on, so I went outside and lay in the warm sun. She said I looked like a bathing Princess. Behind me is the new big water bowl mommy and daddy got me. Only thing is that the water is always warm. But I still try to drink it.

The other night someone came to the front door. Daddy hollered at mommy that another fluffy was outside. To my horror, mommy grabbed me by the collar and made me go to the room with the big green machine. I wasnt a bad doggie, so I wasnt sure what was going on. But I could hear laughing in the lair. So I started barking. I had left my big chew treat out, which I figured out later was a HUGE mistake.

What is this??? Mommy showed me later that they had let a little fluffy into the house. It ran right to my big chewey and picked it up. Mommy said the chewey was almost as big as the head of the little fluffy. She said it managed to carry my chewey into another room, then continued to sniff around. But mommy said as soon as it got near my bed, she told the fluffy he had to go home with his own mommy now. I cant beleive Mommy let another fluffy into our lair!! That is just NOT DONE in a house with a Princess!
Since mommy is home more, Gramma gets to visit more often. I like Gramma. She pets me all the time. She even allowed me to help her, by letting me sniff and drool on her lap while she was working. Gramma says I am ALWAYS a good girl!
BARK!!! Sasha the Princess


Mango said...

Sasha! The crown is most certainly suited to your lovely self. As for that invader! Horrible! And he got his slobbers on your chewie too. Oh man!


meemsnyc said...

That is one pretty princess crown. Gorgeous!

brooke said...

ooh Sasha love the crown! it suits you so well! I wish Darwin would stay still enough for me to put a crown on her, cause she surely acts like a princess!

dewdana said...

We think the crown pic is quite fitting for your blog! Glad you had some chewey left at least. You have the best gramma ever if you get to drool on her!

The PR Gang said...

Love the crown. It suits you!.
Lucky that intruder was so small that it couldn't do major damage to your bone. Humans are so unpredictable!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh yes, Sasha - love the new picture...definitely put it up!!