Sunday, October 25, 2009


BARK!!! Daddy finally came home before I went to bed. He said he still had work to do, but let me come supervise. He told me to be careful not to shake my fur. I wanted to smell what he was working on, but he said I would get a wide nose. I dont think I have a wide nose, do you?After he finished his work, he started playing with me. First he grabbed my toy and then ran and hid. I couldnt find him, but I could hear my toy. Mommy grabbed the flashy but it was too dark to see, but you can hear me telling him to come out and play with me.
He finally came out and tossed the toy for me to catch. I can jump real high now, but my back legs dont catch me like they use to.
So mommy is always telling daddy to be careful, so I dont hurt myself. Daddy loves to tease me with my toy!
BARK! Sasha the Princess


Mango said...

Special fun with daddy is great. Do be careful. I like to jump and spin too, but then my hiney gets a little ouchie.

Your dad's clothes look like my master's! You can see what he has been working on from his outfits.


The PR Gang said...

Daddy's alway's like to play rough. Our Dad is the same. The higher the jumps the better. Be careful Princess.

*Our site keeps coming up with a warning about Malware. I have verified with google that everything is OK. I just wish they'd take the warning away. Just in case you were worried about visiting us.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Our daddee likes to tease us, too. Daddees are so silly!

Gus and Waldo