Friday, March 13, 2009


The past couple days Max has been moping. Mommy and daddy were real worried. I left him alone so he could rest. But that meant mommy and daddy were giving him more special attention. Mommy said he was acting scared and scat-ish. I dont think he is acting like a cat at all. But he didnt seem like playing much. Note from mommy:
Max was acting odd last couple days. However he is eating and taking care of business as normal. We couldnt figure out what was up. He would lay down at our feet, sometimes looking scared, and sometimes almost seeming defeated. Normally he paces around bumping into us, his head high. But he has been walking about with his head low (like a horse) and just stopping in a spot and staring at the floor. We have rubbed him everywhere to make sure he isnt hurt, but no noises come from him. Last thought was maybe during his walk, the gentle leader was tugged a little too hard, and his neck was sore. This morning he woke up with a little more punchiness, so maybe he just needed rest. Can anyone let me know if they have seen this in their big doggies?

Sasha and Max's mommy!


Anonymous said...

Aw - poor Max! I have never felt like this but maybe you're right - maybe Max hurt himself and you know, because us dogs can't really talk to you humans, he can't tell you where he hurts? My human says that she has heard that the Gentle Leader/Halti can have those problems - they are supposed to be gentle but they can actually hurt the neck and spine, if the dog pulls too hard. That's one reason she doesn't like them (also, she has heard lots of trainers say they don't actually teach us to walk nicely, they just restain us from pulling but don't really teach us...) - anyway, I hope it IS just a bit of muscle soreness and Max feels better soon!

Honey the Great Dane

Mango said...

Oh my, doggies are so brave when they don't feel well. I don't know if you have ticks where you live, but those were the first symptoms I had of tick disease. I moped, and pretty soon I just didn't even get up and had to go to the V-E-T right away and get the antibiotics.

If he doesn't get better it would be worth getting a check up. Big doggies can also hurted their joints and things easily.


MainecoonMa said...

AW, is my nephew Max ailing? I hope he gets over it and if not goes to the doggy Peterinarian :) Murfee n Maizee send puuuurrs & kitty licks... FEEL BETTER BUDDY!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Bighoneydog's comment above --- Jan gets exasperated for that very reason. We don't learn from wearing the halti, but without one, she has zero control over me and Sam. We H-A-T-E them!

We all hope Max is okay.


HawaiianDane said...

Sometimes Danes go through puppy growth stages, up to 24 months. It is a period where they grow a lot and they can withdraw and sleep a lot. Sometimes they might eat less. Usually it will last a day up to a few days. But glad he is back to himself today!

Amber and Nala said...

Oh, we hope Max feels better and goes back to being himself very soon! We don't know why he could be feeling that way. :(


meemsnyc said...

Oh Max, we hope you feel better soon!! Don't be sad.