Sunday, March 22, 2009


BARK! First I want to apoligize for my bad mood the other day. Mango was right, I did have a burr in my back side. Let me tell you why... Tuesday mommy and daddy and gramma were celebrating St. Paddies day. Now doesnt that sound like something we doggies should be part of? After all, Great Danes, have Irish Wolfhound in them, so we have every right to eat that corn fed beef too. But did we get any?
Noooo, all daddy did was put a little on his well fed belly, and let us sniff for it. Just enough to tease a good doggie. Look how clean his plate was. He didnt save ANY for us!During the night, I dreamt of beef and green stuff. Then all those crazy human things ran across my dreams and I got real peeved and had to paw them onto the 'puter. Mommy said I sounded awfully spoilt, and I had better tell all the other doggies that I really dont feel that way. I was just barking out my frustrations. So I am sorry! Sasha the Princess
PAW! Dudes and dudettes... thank you so much for supporting my Gentle Leader halti strike. You all told mommy exactly how it is. Last week my neck was a little bit sore, and when I saw how mommy and daddy were giving me so much attention, I decided to get as much as I could. But I didnt expect them to quit walking us for so many days. Then when mommy started feeling bad herself, I thought I had better end my strike and start being normal again. But guess what...? It worked. On the next walk, mom didnt put on the halti. She slid the marteen dale around my neck, and let me walk on the other side of her. I was so happy. I decided to show her what a good boy I could be. So I stayed calm (except for that one mutt that I have to announce my presents to) and walked beside her and hardly pulled. Mom was very proud of me and told Dad I was very good, so I got even more attention. Wow, who would have figured- PAW- Max the Dude!
BARK- Sasha here again. Mommy said since I was a good girl and apoligized to all the doggies and all, then was good for mommy, she let me lay on the couch with her. It felt so good, I fell to sleep and started dreaming of running free. I was so caught up in my dream, I didnt even feel mommy get up to snap the flashy thing... Oh man, here we go with the annoying things again!

BARK! Sasha the Princess!


dewdana said...

Moose went on a gentle leader strike a few months ago and it was a full year after we had been using it. He was totally indignant about having to wear it for his crummy 2 min 'walk' in his own back yard while he was recovering from surgery. I had to start all over and get him to cooperate with treats!

Mango said...

Your dad is so mean that I am tempted to come to your house and give him a talkin to. No foodables for the princess and then to tease you so? Oh dear. No wonder you felt grouchy.

I hope your mom didn't disturb your nice dreams with that flashy box.


KC said...

BARK! Wow, that beef sounds YUMMY! My humans eat lots of food that they don't share with me, either. At least I'm tall enough to sniff it while it's on the kitchen counter.

I walk with a Halti every day. It's not so bad. I like it better than getting yanked with a choke chain all the time. It sure is hard not to pull! WOOF! (from Princeton)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

No corned beef? That's no fair!

We don't like wearing a halti either but Jan refuses to walk with us without one. On us -- Buddy and I -- not on Jan.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Sasha - I'm glad you're in a good mood again! But poor you - I would have been peeved too if I was teased like that!!

Honey the Great Dane

Amber and Nala said...

Good job Max and that couch looks great Sasha! Hope you enjoyed it while you had it!