Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

I am part-time employed and self-employed, which makes for a very unique schedule. My husband is also self-employed and it sure has helped with all our dog care and adjusting. One of my businesses is helping the elderly with administrative tasks (bills, checkbook, calling to resolve issues, etc.). Today my #1 client agreed to let me bring Monte for part of the day, so I could keep an eye on him (he is still suppose to be calm from the "procedure"). Monte was so good. He just followed me from room to room, then layed down and watched me or slept. She was very impressed.

He was so good, that he was allowed to go over to the memory loss home and visit the residents there. 
 I wondered if he would try to lick the crumbs on this plate, Nope. No interest. Not even when she offered it to him. Such a good boy!

 Even after they were told he was hard of hearing, they still kept calling for him to come over for a petting. This gentleman just kept whistling. Too sweet!

 A sweet teeny Italian lady was suprised in the hall by Monte. She didnt even bat an eyelash. Just came over and started petting him.
He didnt lick anyone, just gave them a good sniffing then moved on. 

He was such a huge hit, both my client and the residents have invited him to return. Even a couple trainee's from the dining room stopped by to say hi to the Gentle Giant. 

Can I love this guy anymore than I already do? I don't think so!

Still working on his own blog. Coming soon...


Bella said...

The facility where my Mother lives has a standard poodle that comes there every day with a member of the stsff. He is much loved. Monte is doing a wonderful thing by sharing his sweet self.

Dobermom said...

What wonderful pictures! I can only hope that if I'm in their situation that someone comes by with a dog as that would make my whole world, as I'm sure it did theirs! Good job Monte! Will you be getting him certified as a therapy dog? Sounds perfect for him.

Big Honey Dog (Honey the Great Dane) said...

Aw, how nice that you could take Monte with you!! He is such a good boy and you can see that he brought so much joy to all the people...

So glad that Monte is settling in well with you - and hope he's full recovered now from his "Little Operation"! :-)

Hsin-Yi (& Slobbers from Honey)