Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad giirrlll...

I haven't heard mommy call me "Baaaad giiirrlll.." for a long time. This time I didnt care, because the floor was moving and mommy had a couple heads.

Do I look wobbly?

All I remember, was that mommy said "You'd better eat this before it goes bad" and pointed at the green beer bread she had made for their special sait padriks day. How was I suppose to know she was talking to daddy...
Yep, the evidence was left behind. I was not sure if she was unhappy that I didnt share, or that didnt eat it all, and left crumbs on the floor.
But was RRRRREEEEEAALLLYYY made her madder, was when she discovered her very special home made rye bread gone too!
She had just made a new loaf and had only a couple bites. How was I suppose to know that she wanted to eat it all herself?
The problem is, this new "Pretty Lady" she talks about in the smelly room, is my nose height. Of course if she leaves things here on my table, I am suppose to eat it, rnt I?

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Note from mommy: Before anyone reports the princess momma to PETA, no alchohol was left in the bread after it was baked. :-)


bbes tribe said...

Those "treats" were just waiting to be tasted... What is a girl to do???
Hope your head has stopped spinning ...

dewdana said...

Torn ziploc on the floor and missing food are a common occurence here at the moose lodge! Two were waiting for me when I got home last night! Sorry you got yelled at though. Your guilty look is just like mooses so I bet that your mom could not stay mad for long!
p.s. Moose is real proud of you!

brooke said...

Uh oh Sasha! Though who can blame you! If we left bread on the counter Darwin would totally gobble it up. She can't resist bread!
Just tell your mom you were teaching HER a lesson to put food away! :)

Mango said...

Miss Sasha, not bad at all, just hungry and appreciative of nommy foodables.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, green beer bread for your dad. Good thing it was tasty since you're in the doghouse now.

Nicki said...

You mean they let you in the kitchen & dining area? Wow! Sasha only gets to eat in there and Drake is forbidden. Apparently, in his former life, Drake was a food thief..... and Sasha get bad stinkies if she get people food.

Nubs & Whacks,
Sasha & Drake

Tucker said...

Oops, your Mommy left them out for you so what were you suppose to do? I think your dad can be to blame because he didn't eats it first!

woof - Tucker

Lincoln said...

Hi Sasha !!

Of course, I would be very honoured to become your friend !!
You look soooooooooo sweet, we especially love the picture with the princess crown (or should I say the QUEEN crown ?), it fits you very well!
About the bread, I would have done the same, how could you possibly know it wasn't made just for you ?

Talk to you soon,