Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baaarrroooo... My tummy is better!

Hi every furrie and human furrie. Sorry mommy has been so busy, she hasnt let me on the pooter to update everyone. My tummy and bum are back to normal. The furry doktor sent us some ant tie botics to help me feel better faster. And it worked. See I am back to chewing my bones and sleeping on my own bed without coverings.

Grammy and Grampa were so concerned, they drove out all the way from Arizona to check on their grandog. First I let them give me all kinds of lovins and attentions, then I showed them how well I was by chasing after my toys.

This morning during our walk, my back leggies got real tired and my bum kept falling down. Mommy had to help me home. I was so tired. Mommy is waiting to hear from the furrie doktor to find out when I can start my new ant tie flamitoree. She said I will feel like a pup again. I cant wait!
BARK! Sasha the Princess


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ah, Sasha, we sure hope you get back on your feet so you can enjoy your walks.

Mango said...

Miss Sasha! I am glad you are feeling better. Be careful not to overdo it on your walkies, OK? I have to take my medicine every day or I even have trouble getting up so momma makes me take it easy with the walking and running even when I feel OK.


MainecoonMa said...

We are so glad you're rid of the 'runnies', so grozz to uz finely groomed kittehz BLECH! Hey, that'z OUR Grammy & Grampy petting you, how'd they get out there (they live here w/uz)!!! Boy wait til we have a talkz w/them!!

dewdana said...

Glad the tummy is better. Definitely don't over do it... I let Moose do too much at the park at the park the other day and he is still hobbling around! I know walkies are fun and you never want them to end but sadly they must!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sasha,
we are so glad to hear your tum tum is better. Now you just have to wait for those ants-in-flame-trees and you'll be set!

Delta had her first grammy and gramps visit the other day and she just loved it!

your pal,

HawaiianDane said...

Sasha the princess - so glad your tummy is feeling better. An upset tummy is never any good. I hope one day soon you can get stronger so you can go on your walks again. Thinking of you.

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi my friend Sasha,

I'm glad you are feeling better and got a nice visit from your grandma and grandpa. Hope you continue to feel better.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane