Friday, June 11, 2010

Slow, but still here...

BARK! Sorry we have been incognito for a bit. Mommy says I havent been doing any active noteworthy things to take pictures of to show others, so the camera has been staying put away.

The only noteworthy thing I did recently, mommy is embarrased to report. I just couldnt help myself. Mommy left out some pita bread and thought it was far enough back on the counter to be safe. But my curious nose found it and knew it was put there just for me. Yep, daddy came home and found the 1/2 eaten loaf, and called mommy to report. Then when mommy came home, it was to that familiar smell, followed by the familiar disgusting sight. Definatly NOT something she wanted to put on cameral. In three rooms I left her some pretty packages. She was nice and didnt get mad at me, but since she had visitors coming over in a few minutes, she was like a whirlwind, opening windows and doors and doing a lot of cleaning.

After she put me in my safe room for the visit, she came back to find the new packages I left her. She was still a nice mommy, but I sensed her frustration. I cant help it. It just doesnt want to stay in.

The next day, gave me and my beds a nice bath. We were all clean, and we walked next door to take some time to dry off and say hi to our friendly neighbor. Uh oh... it hit again. And I left quite a lot of packages for the neighbor. Mommy was horrified! The neighbor was nice and offered to hose down his own driveway. Then a couple hours later, I left some packages for daddy (mommy said she refused to open any more packages).

Mommy says she understands I am an old girl, plus I ate something I should not have. She gave me some icky treats that will hopefully make all the packages a little more predictable. Our fingers and paws are crossed.

On that note, we want to end with a good thought, so here is some playtime with me and daddy. He likes to make me dance.

We dont know why the sound is gone. Just toss in a bunch of growling noises!

BARK! Sasha the princess!


brooke said...

Oh Sasha! Your poor mom (and dad)! I feel for them as Darwin had a poop attack a few weeks ago. It was not pleasant at all!
Hope you feel better soon and no more packages will be left for anyone else!

dewdana said...

Oh dear... what a lot of trouble from something so innocent as bread! Wow! Your mom sounds like she could use some different presents for awhile!
You are cute playing with your daddy though. Tug and paw tickles is hard work!

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Oh Sasha! We iz so sorree to heer abowt yur mennee aksidints. Waldo has big aksidints wen he eets peeple fud, too. We hopes yur tummee feelz bettur soon!

Gus and Waldo

Anonymous said...

Dear Sasha,
oh no! that is no fun for anyone!
We hope you feel better soon and that there are no more packages for your poor Mumma and Dadddee to clean up!
You look very beautiful in your video :)

your pals,
Digby and Delta

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hello my senior friend....

Hi Sasha - sorry I haven't been around to visit has been having computer problems and finally got a new computer yesterday so we are back in action. I see you had a sick tummy but I'm glad you are doing know us old gals have issues now and again. I'm doing well, getting older by the minute, sleeping lots but otherwise all is well. Come and visit us once in a while and I'll be posting more soon. Take Care.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Anonymous said...

Hey Sasha! So glad you found my blog (which of course means I've found you too!) Got you bookmarked so I can keep up with you. I like your dancing!