Sunday, November 1, 2009


Weird things happened this weekend. First mommy and daddy acted and looked funny and went out one night. This is what daddy had on. Mommy said it was a "cause tomb". I dont know what that means, but she said other hoomans would know. She told me to tell you all the guess what daddy was.

Just in case your as lost as I am, she said this video might help a little.

Mommy looked even weirder. She put on the yellow stuff that daddy usually puts all over our yard. I thought she looked silly. Daddy usually makes us stay away from this yellow stuff, so I wasnt sure if I could go near her. Do you know what she was?
Then it got even weirder... The next night, mommy put the yellow stuff on her AND daddy AND ME! but since she pulled out the rope, I didnt care, cause that meant we were going somewhere. Mommy and daddy took me to a place where there were a lot of people, and of course, everyone wanted to meet the princess. Mommy and daddy and some friends of theirs ate at a table, while I laid down next to them like a good girl. When we were leaving, a man stopped mommy and said " Is that Sasha?" Mommy was amazed that I have fans EVERYWHERE! Finally her and daddy recognized the man was someone we met on walks a couple years ago. He remembered ME!

Then all of us went walking some more. There were a lot of funny looking hoomans, in all sizes migrating around us. We even got to walk in the middle of the street, which mommy say's I am not suppose to EVER do without her! I saw a few little furries walk by, but mommy and daddy did a good job of distracting me with everything else. A couple times, me and daddy got surrounded by people who wanted to meet me. I was so embarrased when daddy told them I was Chijuajua in a Great Dane costume. How dare he! Toward the end of the walk, I got a bit tired. My back legs were getting sore, and my toes hurt. But I didnt want to slow mommy and daddy down, so I kept up with them.

When we got back to the Big Green Machine, mommy saw my toe was bleeding. So she took off her own sock and put it on my big foot. Mommy would do anything to take care of her Sasha Princess.

I slept real good last night, but was a bit tired and sore this morning. Daddy was tired too. After they got back from their Sunday morning church trip, he joined me for a nap too.
This was a fun weekend, even if mommy and daddy were a bit weird.
Sasha the Princess!


Mango said...

Silly humans and their cause tombs. You were brave to go out at night and actually be seen in public with them.

Is your dad a snowstorm?

Sorry about your foot. Keep you sock on and make sure you get extra love.


Mango said...

Sasha Princess! Nine years old is totally ancient! You must be one healthy gal for sure. I am only 4 1/2 years old and momma says full sized dogs such as ourselves do not stay around too long.

My ouchie is all better, thank goodness. I am still taking medicine for my tick disease and anti in flame stories and getting tired of that. This morning I spat out my pills three times even though they were in hot dogs and last night I boycotted din din because it had icky liquid medicine on it.


P.S. Momma says you need a puppy to make you feel young again. Do not listen to her.

dewdana said...

Is daddy a snow blower? We give up on the yellow tape thing. I am sure it is brilliant, we are just not that clever to figure things out... Sorry about your foot, Hope you are all rested up. It is hard to fit in the full day's rest when there are so many exciting things going on!