Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lazy Doggie Days

PAW! Dad has been working around our new water bowl a lot lately. While The Princess prefers to stay in the cool lair, I prefer to soak up the ray's and supervise Dad between slotted eye's.

PAW! Max the Dude!

Mommy is walking Max all alone lately. I think it has something to do with that lady that comes over every week. She is always making Max do little things for treats. I get some of the treats too, but not as many. I dont get it, because I am ALWAYS a good girl, and I listen to them very well. Ok, only in the house, but I know I HAVE to protect mommy when we are outside, doesnt every doggie?

Daddy takes me for my walks in the morning again. And after our walk, I get all sorts of lovin.

Bark! Sasha the Princess


dewdana said...

So nice to hear an update! Glad things are good. Bummer about Max getting all the attention... squeaky wheel I guess! Sounds like you are enjoying daddy daughter time though so that is nice! WHen your dad finishes working around the water bowl, ask him if he would like to take a trip to the glorious Florida Keys to do it all over again in our yard? ;-)
Have a happy holiday!

Mango said...

Sasha, I know how you feel. I always want to protect momma when we are out and about so she can't walkie me (but she does help me learn my dance moves in the yard almost every day which involves lots of treats).

Not fair, huh?


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We are happee to hear that the lessons are going well!

gus and waldo

Amber and Nala said...

Of course Sasha, you are a perfect don't need all that training! ;) Glad you got lots of daddy lovin'!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha! You are a furry pretty princess :) I saw the link to your bloggy on Honey's blog and wanted to say herro!

I too know about protecting. Especially if my little hoomans come on a walk wif me. I actually find it a bit stressful because my little hoomans are very precious and they can get hurt so easily that I can never be too careful. I had to bark at a parked motorbike the other day, just to let it know not to mess wif my little hoomans.

come and visit me at my blog sometime ok? I would lurve some more fwiends :D

slobbers and squashes,
Mr Darcy