Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mommy and daddy had a special day this weekend. We knew something was up when daddy got up alone on a Saturday. Real early. We smelled all kinds of good stuff in the "good smelling" room. Then daddy carried a table into the pack leaders chamber. He and mommy ate on their cushion!! I have NEVER seen that before. After they were done, we tried to BEG for some bacon, but there was none left. But we did get a bunch of pettin's and lovin's.
Later that night, mommy and daddy ate again, and drank out of a bottle. We asked for a sip too.
The next morning, someone vadalized the Big Green Machine. I saw mommy lick daddy's face, so he may have had something to do with it. Mommy didnt seem mad.
Then they brought in those scary floaty things again. I dont really like them. They dont have a smell, and they move around real weird.
Lights out!
BARK- Sasha the Princess!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Monday Memories has been changed to Mommy's Monday. I havent been with mommy and daddy long enough to have a lot of memories yet, so I am going to let mommy blog on Monday's, since she has been nice enough to let me have the rest of the week. BARK!

Mindy Lu here... I have been reading the water adventures that Bella, Chelsea and the PR gang have been enjoying lately. Even Chef went to the water at the beginning of the month, and our new friend Nala went hiking near the water last month. So, as Sasha so modestly reported recently, they really have been very good doggies and we had Saturday free to take them on their own adventure.

Loading the green machine was quite an exciting event. Both dogs were anxious to go somewhere new. Max just gets in and settles down. Sasha likes to sit between us, and watch where we are going, paying careful attention to every turn.

We were told of this waterhole in the next town over. I was still unsure exactly where it was, or if other dogs would be there or not. I called a friend on the way to ensure we were in the right area, but was unable to reach her. Google satalite didnt show water very well, so we decided to risk and try it out.

We reached what we thought was the designation, saddled up the horses, opps, I mean leashed up the pups and hiked off the main road.

Sasha was very excited about all the new smells and sounds of crickets, birds and insects. We kept a close watch for critters and snakes.

Finally, we reached what we thought would be a water hole, but...

Where's the water??? Oh no!!!

So we hiked back, through what felt like the barren desert (yes, this is sunny California!). Despite what Sasha says, Max is NOT afraid of his own shadow:

Where to next, mom?

Fortunatly, I had thought ahead, and made reservations at a friends pool, just in case we didnt find the water hole. So back to town we go. Sasha has been here before, but we cant get her past the first step. She wants to try so bad, but cant get past the depth drop.

This was Max's first visit. He comes to the edge and just lays down, no matter how hard we tried!

Now, how can I force this face into the water? He was just happy to be cooled down with splashes.Even though we never found the water hole. Both dogs were thourghly exhausted and slept the rest of the day.

Until next monday--- Sit!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


BARK!!! Look at what we just got from our friends way over in Purr 2 Rico? Hey PR GANG, I bet you didnt know mommies aunt and her cousins are Puuur 2 Ricanz too. Here are the rules for this award!! The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. Link to the person you received your award from..then nominate seven OTHER blogs! Put links of those blogs on yours and leave a message on those blogs you've nominated! So basically...keep passing it on!! So here's our list of our very favorites:
Chelsea down under
Bella the Blue
The kitty crew

All our other friends have already won this award. We are so glad to be part of the group.

PS- Mommy took us on an adventure this morning. Stay tuned for an update later- BARK!

Friday, September 19, 2008


BARK!! The good news is that mommy hasnt pulled out the flashy in awhile. The bad news is that mommy hasnt pulled out the flashy thing lately! Last week mommy and daddy went back to their old routine of going out a lot at night. Mommy has been taking us for walks one at a time before daddy gets home, so we can doze while they are gone at night. I like walking with mommy again. Dumb Max howls each time we leave the house because he thinks she is all his. Back off BUDDY!
Then we heard something happened to mommy's green machine and she hasnt been quite herself for a couple days. But all seems to be back to normal this week. She promised she would get the flashy out this weekend and get our cute pictures back up on the blog.
But best news of all... Mommy is bragging to EVERYONE what good doggies we have been lately. We even get to doze in the big lair all day, rather than go to our safe places each day. This means a lot more room to stretch out. Even dumb Max isnt chewing on anything but our bone. BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Paw-- Max here. Was finally able to lure the princess away with a bone.... "Wanna bone pretty girl?" and she was off!

Quick before she catches on to my distraction, I wanted to show off my Rattesnake Tail. At least that is what mom calls it.

I can wag just the tip of my tail. Any other doggies out there that have that secret trick?

PAW--- Max the Dude!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My friend Chef the Canadian Boxer (and oooohhhh so handsome...siggghhh) had a lesson on how to BEG (Be Endearing & Get). He is the master at this, as he really gets what he works for. Me, well, I will be happy with getting lovin's, which may lead to food later. Check out his lessons on his blog, then tell me if I am learning well.

Mommy and Daddy have taught me to stay away from the food room until their food is mostly gone. I can usually tell when this happens, because their talking changes and they look at me a lot. Of course they dont realize this is the beginning of my plan. I am usually laying very quietly and looking as cute as I can.
Once I get their attention, I then know I can enter the food room. I have learned to act like I am very dis-interested in what WAS on their plate. They think I am a very well behaved dog for this, and will then relax.
That is when I move in. Right under their unsuspecting noses, I can then move in and sniff to find out what may be remaining that a good doggie can hope to get later.
Then the looks start. I give them the most innocent look I have. That usually makes mommy say something like "aaawwwwww". Daddy tries to act like it doesn't affect him, but I hear his energy saying "I can resist, I can resist".
Max and I have started learning team work. He knows he has mommy's attention, so goes and sits by her chair and wags his tail and looks very sweet to really break her.
As Daddy tries to continue to pretend he isnt noticing, I move in with the Sasha snuggle. This always gets him.But if all else fails, laying my head on mommy's lap is a guaranteed lovin' session.
After all this hard work, we know the Migration is quick to commence and we got into

Friday, September 5, 2008


I know how to make mommy and daddy melt. When they are within sight, I just start to roll onto my back, and put my paws in the air. They immediatly get their doggie voices going and one will always come over and rub my irrisistable tummy.
Tummy Rubs-- My Favorite!!
BARK- Sasha the Princess!
(ps. that is one thing that dumb max still cant do)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Mom has heard of the homemade treats peoples make for their doggies, but hasnt been able to get around to making us any yet. However, the treat she pulled out after a hot migration was enough to satisfy this hot doggie!
YUM! Mom held it so I could lick all the yummy-ness out of it!
Thanks mom! PAW- Max the Dude!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


PAW- Max the Dude here... Mom was in the yummy room a lot this weekend. We could smell all the treats she was making. Before we got put away into our safe houses, I decided to see if I could get a treat myself.
So I stuck my nose up near where she was working. She was sprinkling some white stuff all over. Next thing I knew, the yummy smell was on my nose.
Im not sure what it was, but it made mom laugh and laugh. Dad came in to see what was so funny and he got a good laugh too.
Now what do you suppose made them both so happy? I had no idea, but since it made them happy, I kept putting my nose up for more.
PAW!!! Max the dude
Note from Mom: Max had his nose sprinkled with flour. His face is so light colored and his black nose had powder all over it. Too adorable!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just chillin' after our Migration...

Max can't even keep his eye's open
Mommy woke him up for the picture
I woke up and posed real pretty!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Memories

Every year, after mommy and daddy eat that REALLY REALLY big bird, they dropped me off to visit Ms T for a few days and always seemed real relaxed when they came to pick me up. Well, last year I didnt get to go to Ms. T's. Mommy and daddy took me with them to Monter-hay. They seemed real excited, and I was excited I got to ride for a long time in the Green Machine with them!

We slept in a different Masters Lair. Mommy and daddy told me I had to be real quiet. I tried my best, but a few times I had to warn potential enemies to beware that I was protecting the pack. It was a little unnerving to do my "thing" in strange places. Mommy or daddy would have to migrate with me for a long time before I felt comfortable enough to do "it".

Mommy had said this was where her and daddy had their first kiss, so I went to ponder that thought, while overlooking the vast sea. "What is a kiss?" "Have I ever had one?" "Do I even want one?" "Whatever... just let me get back to sniffing!" But it sure made a good flashy shot, didnt it?

After a few days of exploring, we got back in the Green Machine for another long drive. Daddy found my favorite spot of the whole trip. He take the long red thing off my neck and let me run, run and run! Even daddy started running. I had so much fun. Daddy finally got tired and so we got back into the Green Machine and drove some more.

Then I smelled the oddest smell ever. "Quick daddy! Pull over now!!" We jumped out and went to investigate. "What in the world were those things?" They were making all kinds of noises I had never heard before, and to my surprise they didnt run away when I came near. They made some sounds like me and Max do, that usually make mommy and daddy run from the room. I stayed quiet to watch them more closely. They didnt seem to be a threat to our pack, so I signaled it was ok to leave.

Mommy and Daddy told Ms. T that I was a real good girl and that I would be able to go on a trip with them again. A RU RU RU!!! Daddy, mommy, me and the Green Machine again! BARK!!